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Naseer Ahmad BSc (Hons) MBChB FRCS MD

Focused on delivering MARS

Naseer Ahmad BSc (Hons) MBChB is a vascular surgeon based at Manchester University Foundation Trust, UK.  Whilst performing the full range of vascular procedures, he specialises in complex ultra-distal revascularisations, particularly of the diabetic foot.  He is part of the specialist multi-disciplinary lower limb preservation team that has reduced major amputations by 23% within three years at his institution. 

His award-winning research is health inequalities surrounding lower limb amputations and he, for the first time, described regional, gender and ethnic inequalities across England. 

He is currently heading up the MARS project (Manchester Amputation Reduction Strategy) which is redesigning community vascular services across Greater Manchester and incorporating them with hospital services, public health and social care.

Frank Bowling

Frank Bowling - University of Manchester

WHO Chief Adviser on Diabetic Foot

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