Clinical Interest

I am a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Manchester University Foundation Trust (MFT).  I have been in Manchester since 2015 and have certainly made my mark – in more ways than one! (just google me).  Whilst I perform the full range of vascular surgery, my main clinical interest and speciality is preservation of the lower limb.  I specialise in complex lower limb revascularisations, especially of the diabetic foot and accept referrals from across the North West of England.  Our team at MFT has overseen a reduction in major amputations of 23% over three years – this compares to a national reduction of 18% over 10 years.  

Research Interest

My research interest centres around Public Health and Epidemiology.  My speciality is health inequality relating to lower limb amputations.  My interest in the field was sparked by working with many specialists including, for many years, Raj Bhopal and Nigel Unwin.  I currently work with many international figures in the world of the diabetic foot including Profs Andrew Boulton, Michael Edmonds and Frank Bowling.  My doctoral thesis described the inequality in amputation rates in England, particularly the regional, gender and ethnic variation.  It is this data, particularly, how this applies to Greater Manchester, that has informed both the MARS project and the wider national debate.